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You have to use "food as food" before you can use "food as medicine"!

Start today! Learn what foods to consume and which ones to avoid. Take control of your food and take control of your health.

No gimmicks, real food, really delicious!

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Culinary Arts

Classical training.  Need I say more? 

Dr. Dee is a graduate of the prestigious

Culinary Institute of America. Her food 

suggestions actually taste delicious

and are realistic.

Food Science and Nutrition

Evidence based. Biochemical individuality.

Dr. Dee teaches graduate students, so her

information has to stay recent and factual.

She constantly researches and synthesizes

information into usable suggestions.

Functional Medicine Certification

Dr. Dee is certified with

The Institute for Functional Medicine- 

the gold standard of certification

for practitioners.


Join now! Take control of your kitchen and take control of your health. It is as easy or difficult as you make it!


Scientific and Delicious

Culinary medicine is the art of using food as medicine. Having trained at the Culinary Institute of America, Dr.Dee's recommendations and recipes are not only science based, but delicious. 

Food is medicine

Find out what everyone is talking about!  Food can be medicine, but first you need to start using food as food. Real ingredients, really fresh, really delicious recipes will result!

Culinary Nutrition

Join Dr. Dee. She has worked with hundreds of students and patients. The information she shares is scientific and user-friendly. Her food recommendations are realistic with an eye toward cost effectivenss. Start with her Food as Medicine FREE webinar.


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